Customizable Validation Guides

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We've rolled out customizable validation guides, optimizing accuracy and efficiency for Sync and Translate subtitle outputs. Users have the flexibility to define validation criteria for each item, aligning closely with client specifications. This feature is available in both Tools and Projects, and it supports our subtitle editor's ability to identify technical inconsistencies in the deliverable’s spec and the output generated by the users. 


Access the validation guides page via the top-left menu. 

On this list page, you can create and manage validation guides and save them as templates for continuous usage. Like glossaries, it's important to note that within a team workspace, validation guides are subject to read-only access for members, granting full creation and modification rights exclusively to team owners and admins.

Given the unique technical specifications required by different languages, such as maximum character limits per subtitle line, our system enables the creation of language-specific validation rules. These can be saved as individual templates to ensure consistent adherence to linguistic standards.

When creating templates, you are presented with commonly recommended values as a starting point. To clarify the purpose and application of each rule, simply hover over the adjacent question marks for detailed descriptions.

Usage in Tools

You can select a validation guide for a language while creating Sync or Translate tasks in Tools.

When creating a Sync task, rules like ‘maximum characters per line’ from your chosen validation guide will influence the Sync options. This integration ensures that the output aligns with your specified parameters. If the need arises to override the guide settings after initiating a Sync task, manual adjustment is possible. We will alert you to any discrepancies between the guide and the Sync options to ensure they are intentional before proceeding with task creation.

The validation guide in use is displayed on the task detail page. While you can change the validation guide, please note that this action won't retroactively alter an already produced output file. To apply a different guide to an existing output, use the “Revise” feature for regeneration.

Upon accessing the output file in our subtitle editor, the associated validation guide is automatically applied, enabling the editor to spot and highlight any violations.

Currently, translation tasks do not have run options tied to validation rules. This is because our current focus prioritizes the accuracy of translations over formatting. Nevertheless, plans are underway to address this in future updates. Despite this, you can assign a validation guide to flag potential issues during the editing stage.

Usage in Projects

Validation guides can also be applied in Projects, prior to running the Sync process. This ensures that the resulting output from Sync adheres to the predefined validation rules.

If necessary, you can change the validation guide during the Adjust Sync Result step. It will change the options accordingly.

For multi-language projects, distinct validation guides can be set for each language on the Translate modal.

You may change the selected validation guide by clicking the ‘Change’ button on the right panel.

Consistent with the Tools experience, opening a subtitle file in our subtitle editor will apply the guide, enabling automatic detection and highlighting of any discrepancies.

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