How to use 'EventCAT OnlineMeeting' with ZOOM

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EventCAT OnlineMeeting Onboarding Guide for Zoom Online call Live translation

Here is the 'Eventcat OnlineMeeting' for the host:


1. Sign in for your account.

New users will need to sign up with an email and password.

2. Start your Online meeting.

Paste your Zoom URL. 

Select the languages you will speak and want to translate

[Optional] Select categories that best fit your conversation topic for improved translations.

Click the ‘Invite AI Interpreter’. 

Wait until joining the EventCAT bot to your meeting.  

  • Make sure to stay on this interpretation screen to see real-time translated captions.

3. Admit an AI interpreter.

Allow joining your AI Interpreter when the popup appears on the right side at the bottom.


  • Note. You must allow all three pop-ups in ZOOM meetings - 'Admit', 'Allow Recording', and 'Got it' - for Eventcat to work. If you don't allow at least one of them, Eventcat will not be able to interpret. Don't forget to Allow them ALL! 

When your meeting starts, it is automatically recorded and shows translated captions in real-time.

  • Note. Participants in the seminar will need to click on the link shared in "chat" at the bottom of the Zoom to view the translation screen.

4. Set the languages you’ll see on your screen.

In the "PARTICIPANTS" section, select the language the you will use. (One selection only)

In the "LIVE CAPTIONS" section, choose the caption language you want to see in real-time. (One selection only)

In the "TRANSCRIPT" section, choose your preferred language(s) that you want to see. (Multiple languages allowed)

  • Note: All participants/audience should select their preferred language for their respective screens.

5. Download your transcript.

After the meeting, select your preferred language for the transcript and proceed to download.(Multiple languages allowed)

  • Note: All of the 'EventCAT OnlineMeeting' users have 7 days to download the recorded video.

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